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Filtration & Straining Accessories

Manual Filters & Strainers

Manual Filters & Duplex Basket Body Strainer Concord Screen manufactures a full line of manual single basket strainers and duplex body strainers. This style of straining is ideal for both protectionary straining and maintenance of product liquid. Baskets require manual removal and cleaning. The duplex arrangement will allow for uninteruption of system flow. One chamber is isolated for basket removal and cleaning while the second chamber remains on line.

Automatic Filter and Strainer Solutions

Automatic Filter Strainers At the heart of all Concord Screen Automatic Filters and Strainers is Concord Screen Wedge Wire. Offering both high open area percentage and excellent backwashing characteristics wedge wire is the most widely used media for self cleaning industrial applications. With five standard designs of automatic filters and strainers Concord Screen can correctly suit your application with the most effective automatic filter or.

Bag Filter Housings & Socks

Bag Filter Housings & Socks Duplexed Multi Bag Vessels

Our complete line of bag filter housings can handle flow rates of 5 GPM up to 4000 GPM. Bag filtration is an excellent means of filtering out particulate as large as 800 micron and as fine as ¼ micron. Specialty bags can be supplied to handle heavy solid loads and even remove trace amounts of oil from other liquids.

Filter Bags & Accessories

Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon Mono Filament, and Nylon Multi Filament Filter Bags Replacement Filter Bags

Concord Screen has a dedicated division to manufacture replacement filter bags. Filter bags are fabricated to fit any style or design of filtration housing. Materials are supplied in Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon Mono Filament and Nylon Multi Filament. Exotic fabrics such as FOS used to absorb tramp oil from other liquids are also available.

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