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Wedge Wire Screens: Media Retention

Treatment & Media Retention

Wedge wire screen has long been considered the most effective media for use in under draining. Wedge wire has an inherent even pattern if open area that allows for accurate flow distribution. Its internal support rod structure gives it a higher collapse strength allowing it to handle the most demanding load applications. Constructed of stainless steel and many exotic alloys wedge wire is easily worked to meet both typical and unique under drain designs. Although Concord Screen supplies arrange of standard wire shapes, an in house wire forming facility allows for custom shaping if required by design.

Profile Screen Laterals

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Lateral Assemblies
Lateral Assembly Wedge Wire Screen
Profile Screen Lateral Assembly
Concord Screen uses its wedge wire screen to manufacture Hub and Lateral assemblies. Typical configurations include both horizontal herring bone style and vertical secured round hub. Concord Screen recognizes the specific needs of each and every customer. With an onsite ability to form wire. Concord Screen is able to control all variables in the wedge wire screen manufacturing process. Standard sized wires are available to complete a full range of wedge wire screen diameters and lengths.
Header Assembly
Wedge Wire Screen Header Assembly
Pipe Based Wedge Wire Header Assembly
In horizontal installations a main header is typically bolted into a longitudinal vessel. The header is supplied with welded couplings to accept either screen laterals or pipe based screen laterals.
Hub Assembly
Wedge Wire Hub Assembly
Radial Hub-Lateral Wedge Wire Screen Assembly
with a vessel mounted upright the pattern required of the under drain assembly is round. This style is achieved with a central hub. Again couplings are typically welded to the hub to accept either wedge wire screen laterals or pipe based laterals.

Screen Lateral As an efficient collector, the screen lateral is available in several sizes, with various slots and end fittings. Most commonly, the screen lateral is provided with a solid cap on one end and a threaded pipe connection on the other end.

Pipe Based Lateral Screen laterals are supplied with an internal or external distributor pipe when extra strength and/ or more effective back washing distribution are required.

Flat Support Grids

Flat Support Grids Flat Support Grids for Media Retention Flat Support Grids

Flat Support grids are available in single one piece construction. Typical Designs are fabricated in sections to allow installation through a mainway. Sections are fitted with flange support frames. During installation the sections will be laid flat on an existing vessel support structure. Sections will be bolted together creating a single complete support grid. With each application loading requirements change. Support grids are available with many different wire configurations to achieve the most demanding loads. Additional supports are often utilized to accommodate extreme load conditions.

Nozzle and Orfice Plate Assemblies

Nozzles can be manufactured to suit many different media applications. Locking washers and full welding are only two of the many options available.

Nozzles & Orifice Plates

Nozzles & Orifice Plates Nozzles are installed in a vessel orifice plate. Typical configuration has a stem projecting through each orifice and secured with a nut and washer. Screens are manufactured to suit customer requirements and are not restricted in size by length or diameter. Typical screens are fabricated with a blind cap on one end and washer fixed with a threaded stem on the other end.

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